Welcome to Magical Hidden Notes

Hello, and thank you for your visit 🙂

This post’s purpose is just to welcome you all here 🙂 What exactly is Magical Hidden Notes? Well, you can find it out in this page. In short, this blog is to post my random stories, and you all can read it 🙂

Rules in this blog? It’s quite simple.

1. I don’t force you to leave any comments, although it’s better for you to do that. You know, we–authors, or random amateurs–like appreciation, either it’s a like or a comment, or a pingback–as long as the related post is about good things. But here, I don’t really force you to do that. I just hope you don’t mind to leave some 🙂

2. No bashing. I don’t allow any harsh words, harsh comments, or something like that. Giving critiques is good and accepted, but please, watch your words. Every sender of harsh comments will be blackmailed here.

3. Copycats are NOT allowed here. It’s not like I’m bragging about my stories or something–actually, I kinda don’t think it’s good either. But remember this : every person wants to be appreciated, ESPECIALLY by not having their artworks copied without permission. For posters, I’ve put an artwork stamp in every posters, so I don’t think I need to worry about that. But for stories, it’s all left to you, readers. Don’t copy it, please?

4. No spamming. Actually, my blog’s already protected by Akismet, but it’s only putting random english comments about promotion into the spam room. What I meant was, don’t post comments that aren’t related to what I post, like promoting things or something like that. Repetitive comments are also strictly prohibited.

That’s all for the rules. I believe they’re quite easy to obey, right? 🙂

If you’ve just arrived here and don’t know what to read, here’s my recommendation (P.S : please note that 50% of the contents in this blog is written in Indonesian. I only write English when it comes to random talks or some oneshot stories) :

And if you’re suuuuuper bored you want a good laugh, you can go read my random talks here. It’s nothing important, though. Just me blabbering about nonsensical things 🙂

Oh, and just in case you don’t know about the pages in this blog and what they’re for, you can go HERE to find out (I wrote the answer there).

That’s it! Happy enjoying, and I wish you a good time! 😀 A super good one!


Cindy Handoko