[SHARE] Devil Girl Sketch


Hello bello!^^ It’s… um… the 15th day rite? So yea, I’m proud I’ve gone this far already._. But I’m quite confused about what to post each day, including today._. So I just post this random sketch of mine that I have posted before on Instagram._.

Well, as for tomorrow, I think I’ll search for another good riddle._. wish me luck for that! And I’m saving the 4th part of MOTO’s 2nd chapter for a few days after this._. be patient(?) As for LSOO, I’m terribly sorry x_x I haven’t continued a word of it x_x I’m confused, so please forgive me 😐

So, yea… I’m also thinking of making a oneshot story but I’m in the lack-of-idea phase right now._.

So, please look forward to hearing from me!^^


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