Here We Are

Here we are, standing on a rock, facing the field of destiny.

We were once nothing. We were once poor. We’re not meant to be the best, but we can do better. I know it, and I’m sure you also do.By gaining our powers and combining it as one, we can break through the roof and fly in the blue sky.

Let the haters hate. Let people who envy us try to put us down. We won’t move, cause we know we belong here. Not a single hurricane can ruin our will. Not even wind, they can’t blow us anywhere.

We are standing still, and together holding hands. As for today, let the birds sing, let the flowers smile, and let the happiness last. Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Do first thing first, never mind the past or the future. Cause every single day we’re in are glorious gifts. That’s why they call it “present”.


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