Just Another Random Talk

Hello bello and welcome to the gate of Lebaran Holiday! Woohoo!\(._.)/ I’m so freakishly happy to announce that from tomorrow on, I’ll be on holiday for a whole week! (Which means no school, no teachers, no pressure. Just purrfect!)

And… why did I say “I’ll be on holiday” not “We’ll be on holiday”?

That’s because your holiday’s already been started since like a thousand years ago-,- I mean like seriously, my school is the latest one to join the heaven of holiday. I dunno what the exact reason is, I just feel that it’s so annoying that I still had to go to school this morning when everybody else were still having sweet dreams in their lovely sleep. And I freakin slept at 2 last night so wtf I looked like a starving panda

And when I arrived at school, I discovered that I lost an important thing that I accidentally left in my class yesterday. It’s a birthday present from my besties-,- like what a careless person I am zz

I shamelessly told my teacher about it and fortunately she said she’d check the CCTV to see who’s taken it. Unfortunately there’s no Iris in my school and it would be such a relief if my school also has IMS especially that Bryan (cz I’d definitely find it in like one sec). I’m so lucky I didn’t cry like a giant baby lol

And for my besties who’s given me that present, Viona and Lili, I’M SOOOOOOO FREAKING SORRY THAT I’M SUCH A CARELESS SHIT. Of course I didn’t intend to leave that present inside my drawer the other day but I had to go find my teacher to give a “love letter” to her (wtf I sound like a lesbian) so I was in a hurry and cmon everyone knows that I’m such a forgetful person when I’m in that mode. So I’m sorry 😦 I promise I’ll try to find it asap

Well, let’s move on to another topic then. It’s no good thing to keep talking about a matter over and over again it’ll make people get annoyed even more. So let’s go to… let’s see… ah how about MOTO? 😐

Yea, MOTO sounds good. So, as you can see, I’ve just posted the last part of MOTO chapter three two days ago at midnight where I said sorry to bother all of you lol I still remember it clearly, and I posted it along with the Author Review I made. You can go read it rite away, or download it for a simpler reading cz it’s long like the 2nd (ps : the dl link is on the bottom of the post). So with that, u automatically know that I’m making the 4th now. I’m excited about MOTO so probably I won’t take long to post it. Right now I’ve almost finished part 2 isn’t that quick? 😐 well I still dunno how many parts this chapter would take but mostly it would be 4 cz I can’t imagine a chapter longer than 4. It would be ridiculous for a chapter to have more than 5 parts, rite? Even I would be too lazy to make that many.

So chapter 4’s gonna have a little plot twist or plot shock or whatever u call it. There’s gonna be an event TOTALLY not related to the past plot, but I hope you won’t get confused cz it’s like the key to someone’s death (and why am I revealing it actually?-,-) Whose death? Well I’m not one to reveal, u have to read it by urself if you wanna know, but the death won’t be happening in chapter 4. Well, do u think it will be better to have a case in chap 4? Cz I still dunno whether I’ll make one or not depends on my mood lol. But good thing from the overage of characters is that I’ll never run out of character to kill (lol) so you probably will see more and more sadism 😛 but sadism? It’s definitely NOT in the 4th chap I’m sorry there’s gonna be less violence there. If u seek for blood, no there won’t be any spectacular blood there, just wait for the next chap probably there would be some or ask Viona to make one in chap 5 lol

And we’re gonna have more JOSHUA  AND CATHERINE let’s cheer and make them in that “notable main chars” list! Hurrah! Especially Joshua cz I’m a big fan of his like wtf I’m a fan of Andrew Bryan Sam Joshua Luke Max Benny Willy and even Mr. Stenley and it’s like EVERY GUY RITE??

And I wanna tell you about my FAV CHARS IN MOTO. Ehehe I dunno why I’m so passionate about describing them so may I?

Okay, let the talk begin!

Um… actually I’m kinda confused about where to begin cz I like every single MOTO characters especially the guys I imagine them look so cool in real life  And every single one of them, I’m sure, would have at least a fanclub in real life 😐 except for Sam cz if u dunno him u’ll see him as a freakin ridiculous and idiotic person when actually me and Viona are his HUGEST FANS. Well we appeared to didn’t like him when we first made MOTO but as the story goes, now there’s a possibility that we would stalk him and send him a love letter if he were real.

So, let’s just begin with him!


The idiotic, clown of IMS! I’ll never get bored of this guy graaaahh 😐 he’s like the mood builder, debate opponent for everyone who always loses (lol). His eternal enemy(?) is my boyfriend Joshua who sometimes team up with Bryan to beat him in silly debates. He’s short, shorter than Joshua and everyone else and he doesn’t like that fact lol. But I like that 😐 does anyone of you also like him?

  • ANDREW:3

The bad boy of IMS! He’s my favorite char from the beginning and soon Viona’s too =)) he hasn’t doesn’t like Alice so maybe we have a chance. I imagine his hair red and wbu?:| cz the orphanage allows hair dyeing and there’s that one with rainbow hair I haven’t told readers about 😐 Btw talking about heights, Andrew is the tallest in IMS, taller than my other boyfriend the basketball captain Bryan.


That brainy athletic lil shit I love him! I suck at sports but if there’s someone like him in real life I’d definitely force to enter the cheerleaders club! Even if I have to put up with that-type-of-girls I don’t mind, I’ll just approach the basketball team in practices so I’ll get to meet him lol 😐 And he ranks SECOND in school like wtf u’re good at lessons and sports and a good guy and great posture u just perfect! I’m dying to become Alice even if she is such a boring main char 😐


My boyfriend! He’s a photographer and artist and handsome and look more intelligent than Bryan and not boring and whatever he’s just my ideal type lol. He’s not clever that’s thing number 1000000 I’d put in his description like wtf does that matter? He’s good at common sense, he runs, he’s not freak isn’t that enough? He’s not that tall but who cares? I wanna be freakin Gwen! (this time with no “even if” cz I also admire Gwen!) Joshua is so faithful, true, and I love it when he beats Sam lol 😐 And btw I love the name TRISTAN! I gave Joshua that last name cz I know I’ll like him for sure too lol 😐

And I was more like describing all of the IMS guys than describing my fav chars without knowing

  • LUKE

I curse Viona with all her influence! Lol just kid. Actually this was Viona’s fav char but I happen to start to like him dunno why 😐 He’s in the “low presence characters list” I made in MOTO chap 3 AR and he’s got long hair like a girl even tho he’s a basketball player. I know he sounds ridiculous but I just somewhat like him._. The replacement of Bryan as a club captain in times, less basketball skill than Bryan, but cool. That’s quite a description.

  • MAX

I know he’s SO LOW PRESENCE but whatever! He’s the student council president and so cool in my imagination! He used to be friends with Joshua and Bryan but now he’s busy with his student council activities. Wow. Dunno why I like guys with positions 😐 the idea’s just cool!

  • GWEN

Ohmy. The first female char in this list isn’t she? I know I’m not the only one to like her but I still do! She’s cool and mean and introvert and psychopathic and like my idol. Hahaha how nice to be her(?) Even tho she’s accused she’s like whatever and I just like that attitude. I like it when she beats Sam 100000 times in a row lol Sam is such an entertainment


Okay. No, I don’t like flat chars and scaredy-cats but why do I like Catherine? 😐 She’s beautiful and Sam likes her, maybe that was the perfect explanation lol =)) I also wanna be a half-foreigner like her *sigh* like with her almost blonde hair and wide grey eyes and great posture, good attitude, tons of friends and fans, she’s extremely perfect I envy her 😐

  • IRIS

IRIS EMMANUEL! My fav>< she’s so little and fierce and cares a lot about money lol I love characters who love money cz they’re rite money’s like everything u seek for! And I’m dying to see Iris in real life cz I know she would be cute and adorable and I’d befriend her for sure even tho she’s not friendly at all 😐 end of the story


Haha how could I forget them? I’m like a fan of twins and I like every single twins in this world so this explains! I especially like Alexa even tho she’s gone 😦 but Andrea’s okay too even tho she’s in cheers and I’m like almost an anti of cheerleader girls 😐 And I like how they always wear the exact same thing! That’s just cute! And also, different personality. Wow perfect twin I envy them I wanna have a twin sis too 😐


Readers : “WHAT THE HELL? This person shouldn’t be here he’s not a MOTO character!”

CALM DOWN I KNOW. But whatever 😐 he’s my all time fav char and I wanna list him here! Gotta problem? Hahahaha! (just so you know, Jeremy Ericson is an LSOO char lol)

  • LUNA!

Also my all time fav char from LSOO! Wow fierce like Iris!

Readers : “…”


Readers : “Wut? Whooo??? She’s not a MOTO or LSOO char WHO IS SHE?”

HAHAHA! My other all time fav char of course! She’s in that one story posted in my another blog gotta problem? She’s also a TWIN but I don’t particularly like her twin sis Manda cz she’s that-type-of-girl if u know what I mean. Velly is the female version of Andrew but more brutal isn’t that cuteee?? She punched someone and sent him to hospital HAHAHA just the type of girl I adore!

  • JAMESS!!

Readers : “…”

Um… also from the same story Velly is in! He’s got a best friend Billy and I also like him but I like James more! He’s cool at fights, a gentleman, popular, but really faithful! He even studied judo because the girl he likes adores judo very much! Grahh… only if he were real… :”


THE END! Hahaha that list was ruined by Jerry&co 😐 I was gonna add Stacy or Emily but I think they’re too different lol so I removed them. Also the list was already long and I’m gonna watch a drama so I don’t have that much time to write 😐

So yea, this EXTREMELY RANDOM talk ends here. SEE YA NEXT TIME!!


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