Another End of the Week…


So, from the day I last posted, it’s been like… 20 years? Or 100 years? I dunno, honestly. But it’s been a long time? Oh I’m sure about that 😐 I usually post a lot, but these days, daily exams and school assignment have taken my time impolitely (yes, impolitely), so I didn’t get that much time to open my lappie, and when I did, I streamed Youtube videos 😐 #BLAARR

So it’s actually my fault.

Reader 1 : “Of course it’s yours, ya dumb!”

Me : “SHUT UP! Why are you freaking here again?-__-”

Reader 1 : “You sure are not a nice blogger, are you?”

Me : “Who cares? You sure aren’t a nice reader, are you?-_-”

Reader 1 : “But I’m supposed to be treated as a king here! I’m a visitor!”

Me : “And I’m not supposed to be treated like a servant here! I’m THE owner! Oh, and are you even a guy?!”

Reader 1 : “……….”

Me : *chuckling evilly*

Well, so far, I’ve won the debate between myself and your-so-called Reader 1 *hurrah-hurrah for me*. And now I’m gonna actually talk about the point of this pointless post.

Reader 1 : “How can a pointless post h–”


Sorry for the nuisance. Reader 1 sure is VERY talkative-_- and that doesn’t please me, like… at all. I’m currently blocking her access to my blog, but I’m sure she’ll eventually manage to break through, but well, at least we still have a bit of time to talk freely before she butts back in. Oh, and she? Well, let’s say R1 is a female. She’s waaaay too talkative to be a male. And she’s not the beautiful one, of course. She probably has moles all over her face or whatever. I don’t freakin care.

So, the purpose of this post is none to tell you about some of my abandoned projects. Well, it’s not literally abandoned, and it’s not like I intended to do that too. But it seems like it, so well let’s just say I abandoned them.

First and the most important, LSOO, of course. Mm… I’m sure I said somewhere that it’s now active, rite? Like… in another random talk labelled post. But, in reality, I haven’t continued it a single word. Maybe I’m just not getting the right feeling and I feel like if I force myself to finish it, it’ll be a mess and none of you would like it. You know, you have to be in the story to make the story enjoyable, rite? I’m currently not anywhere inside the story. I’m so outside it. I’m also working on several not-fiction-related projects, so maybe that affected. I hope I’ll be able to bring my LSOO feelings back before it becomes rotten (I totally made it sound like a fruit but whatev).

The second is my remake project. I was sooooooo close to finish when I realized I need to change the names of characters. Amazingly, my mood dropped a lot because of that and I became lazy to fix my mistakes because there are lots of parts like, for example, “J-Jerry…” and if I replace the “Jerry” via MS Word into my desired name, like “Octavian”, it’ll be like “J-Octavian…” and no. Joctavian doesn’t sound cool at all. I’m NOT making a story with a character named Joctavian. So I literally have to reread it all over again in order to fix my fatal mistakes.

Why should I change the names?

Certainly because it was Korean, duh! And some of them are pop stars and it would be ridiculous if my story turns drastically into a fanfiction. THIS BLOG WILL LOSE ITS ORIGINAL PURPOSE. So, yea, let’s just wait a little longer until I find the right time to do the annoying rereading.

Another reason is probably because I’m also working on a BIG project. I mean, literally bigger than my blog projects. I do it along with Viona, my writing-mate(?) for MOTO. And I pretty much remember that I’ve told you I’ll soon be having a spectacular announcement regarding MOTO. It wasn’t a freaking lie. But it’s not time yet. Wait some more and I’ll eventually tell you. This is a promise.

And one more reason is… mm… actually this is a spoiler. I don’t even know if Viona would allow me to tell you about this or not, but telling you sounds so irresistible so please don’t tell Viona that I’m now telling you this 😐



Ignore that walking mole, please. She’s such a pain-_-

So, without any more procrastination, I’ll tell you what it is.

We’re making a live action parody of MOTO! Yeayy!! 😛 Mm… actually we didn’t intend to make it a parody, but we had to because the charas don’t fit that much 😐 I hope it won’t be a mess. If so, I’ll post it here soon. But if it turns out to be a huge mess, I won’t freaking post it ever. Cause we (I mean me and Viona) have ever tried the same idea once (without the “parody” label) but the result video disgusted us so much. It’s NOT watchable-__-

Well, I hope you pray for the best for this freaking absurd project.

Reader 1 : “NO I WON’T”


Reader 1 : “Nobody. I just want to”

Me : “YOU CAN’T.”

So I’ve blocked her again now-___- hope she won’t break through for the second time.

Mm… I’m kinda busy preparing for tomorrow’s event so yea, guess I have to end this post here. Bubahhh!!

Reader 1 : *waves to the camera*



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