“Private”? What Is That?


I’m sorry if I annoy you by appearing too much, but I can’t help posting things here because I’m stressed with the fact that tomorrow’s already the mid-term test day so I need some refreshing. Yeah, don’t stare at me like that. I’ll definitely study, but yea maybe later cause right now I’m still struggling with my project for that “Making a Procedure Video” thingy I told you two days ago or so.

Adobe Premiere : *not responding*


So, I’ve moved on from Adobe Premiere because it sucked too much…

Adobe Premiere : *cries*


…and now I’m freaking clueless about what to do because the deadline for the video is tomorrow and I still haven’t made anything out of it. So yea let’s just pray and hope that it will be done within… like… tonight *wow amazing*

So, we’re on to this post’s original purpose. First, you might have known that I posted something yesterday. For specific, you can find the post here. But that wasn’t the type of post you can open without my permission, so that’s why I put “Private” as its title.

Okay, maybe some of you have gotten annoyed because of that. Maybe yesterday you tried to open it but can’t, and now you’re willing to slap my face for posting something that is not visible to everyone. Imma say sorry about that first then.

But, well, yea, I’m now here to explain what post wast that actually to you.

First, that post was a fiction. But unfortunately, that was a fanfiction, guys. You won’t want to read it, I’m sure. Cause this blog’s purpose isn’t to post fanfictions, so yea I think if I unprotected it, it would be so off topic and you might even be more annoyed bro.

Why exactly did I write fanfiction again?

Well, maybe I’ve told you all that I’ve stopped making that shit since last year but now it’s not the matter of that. Actually this fanfiction I posted was the one I’m planning to send to the giveaway ff competition I’ve also told you about. I wasn’t sure if my fanfiction was good, so I needed opinion from my friend, and unfortunately her phone wasn’t blackberry and she doesn’t have that Word-To-Go type of application so I can’t send the file via bbm to her. And that’s why I posted it here so that she could open it with the password I gave her.

End of the story.

Now it’s pretty clear, right?

And besides, the competition doesn’t allow participants to post their project to their personal sites before they announce the winners. And the deadline is still October 12, so I think it will take about a month for them to decide the winners. I heard that they will post the participants’ projects to their Facebook page or something, might be because they want the readers to choose their favorite fanfiction. And I’m BEGGING you to vote for me if my fanfiction have been posted. Please, guys. I’ll reward you with thousands of riddles or whatever if you help me. But I still dunno when will it be, so maybe if it have been posted already, I’ll inform you via another random talk post in Indonesian so that there will be more people reading it. Thank you very much.

Reader 1 : “I’m not voting you”


Reader 1 : *cries*

Adobe Premiere : *cries*

Me : *throws laptop away due to frustration*

So, I think that quite wrapped it all. Oh, and if you’re willing to read that post, you can do it actually. But with my permission 🙂 just follow me on twitter (@cindyhandoko_ please, not @sopkuah_jamur cause that one’s not for blog needs) and mention for a followback, and also write in that mention that you’re my blog’s reader and is willing to read my protected fanfiction post. I’ll always follow you back as long as you mention me 😀 and after that, I’ll send you a direct message including the post’s password (and the password’s actually my LINE ID, so if you already get the password, you can also add my LINE 😀 nobody has my LINE contact at the moment, because I just made it in September. And of course nobody knows my LINE ID except for my one friend whom I’ve told the password before 😛 ) And after you read that fanfiction, please share your opinion to me^^ Point out the flaws in that fanfiction so that I can fix it. Thank you, I’ll appreciate it if there really are people who are willing to read that post^^


Reader 1 : *cries*

Adobe Premiere : *cries*



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