[DARE] Interesting Things About Marvel Ananda

ANOTHER DARE GUYS. Let’s just begin and end this quickly-__- HERE WE GO!

Who is Marvel Ananda?

I DON’T KNOW. A friend of mine who is a year younger than me but has an old face. Is currently living in Solo but I dunno where exactly. Enough of the introduction-__- I’m freaking tired of writing.

What is interesting about Marvel Ananda?

I’ll just mention ten to make it short-__- actually they told me to mention 25 also, but I refused. Instead I’ll just make 10. And here they are :

  1. Short. Shorter than anyone lol. His height is just 150 and it wasn’t a joke. I find it really funny.
  2. Fangirlboy. He acts more like a fangirl so I accidentally wrote fangirl lol. Sorry, sorry. I mean, he likes boy groups more than girlbands and it quite surprised me. He is a fanboy of Super Junior, Big Bang, Infinite, SHINee, and B2ST. Lol. As for girlbands, I only know that he likes 2NE1. Don’t know any further.
  3. Can sing really well. And it also wasn’t a joke. He said he won several trophies for his singing and he once sent a voice note of him covering Taeyang’s songs and it was a blast.
  4. Writes. The best fact about him : he writes! Well, actually, his writings are quite absurd but nevermind-__-
  5. Can hack personal accounts. I dunno how, but he once hacked one of my friends’ and I was pretty much surprised. I asked him to teach me how to hack but he refused-__- zzz
  6. Cries over a drama. This is not surprising at all. Okay now this is getting random-__-
  7. Has a folder full of his selcas. Now he really is a fangirl lol. He once captured his gallery to show something blurry but he forgot to crop the other folder so we all could see that he had a folder full of his selcas 😛 lol such girl existed.
  8. Drinks milk for extra-calcium. OKAY NOW THIS IS GETTING 100% RANDOM. This has something to do with number one, of course. He said he needed extra-calcium for him to grow taller so yea.
  9. Breathes. This is a miracle. Amazing. Wow! #theartofconfusion #exhaustedalready
  10. Is alive. This is very interesting. He is alive, guys!

Sorry that this one post is really random-__- I don’t really know much about him so I just wrote whatever I know. Finally I’ve finished my dares-__- THANK YOU VERY MUCH. NOW TIME TO POST FRIENDS’ DARES! AM VERY EXCITED FOR THIS!


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