First Day of 2015, and… Well, I’m Still Sitting Here Like a Lazy Pig


Reader 1 : “You’re not that cute”

Me : “Oh yes sorry. Wait, lemme take a proper selfie.”

Now THAT’S what I call a proper selfie. Thank you very much.

So, before starting my random talk (okay, R1, I know. I know it has already started even right now but whatevs) I have to say this first :


*fireworks everywhere*

*traffic jams everywhere*

*broken motorcycles everywhere*

*pickpockets everywhere*

*unimportant broadcast messages everywhere*

THAT’S MY NEW YEAR AND HOW ABOUT YOURS?:3 Well if you live in Indonesia then probably yours is the same as mine 🙂 hurrah-hurrah for us!

Okay, I’ve said what I’ve got to say. So now let’s begin the real random talk.

The last day of this year? Well… I cannot say that it was a great day or whatever people might expect. Nothing happened like at all. No possible effect to my life, and do I care? Oh sorry. But not at all.

So, I started off my December 31 by waking up at 12PM (pretty much something I would surely do because I slept at 4 thanks to the novel I read). When I woke up, I only found my dad, my older sister, and my cousin (who had been staying over at my house for like 3 or 4 days or so). Were they awake? Oh, sorry. Of course they were. I’m the only pig this house has.

Anyways, Mom wasn’t at home, and my sister said she left the house earlier to meet up with her friends. Okay then. If she were home, I would have been trapped in a much bigger trouble so I was pretty thankful. I showered happily and got myself ready to go anywhere-but-home. Both my sister and my cousin did so too (except for the showering part because they had done it much earlier when I was still fast asleep). When I was already prepared, Mom came back home and joined us.

So, we went out to eat lunch. My dad drove us to a local restaurant and the place wasn’t crowded like what I had expected before (dude, it’s the last day of the year. Of course everyone’s on holiday except maybe those Telk*m or P*N employees or McDonalds employees or whatever). Besides, the view there was pretty cool (we got to see some goats eating grass on an open field. Luckily we didn’t smell any poop of theirs). It was cloudy so my mood was very awesome.

We went to a shopping mall after that. Along the way there, we sang to some songs and chatted and well whatever just imagine a happy family there you go. So, to make it faster, let’s skip to the part when we already arrived.

We parted ways and I walked with my cousin only. We (of course) had some snack and walked around but (again, of course) without buying anything because well we don’t really buy things when our moms weren’t around (dude, saving money is hard! You don’t have to make it harder!)

And then, well… we got home. My cousin went back to her house and my sister stayed over at my auntie’s house. I’m pretty much home alone right now. Oh well okay Mom and Dad are here too but that doesn’t really count because my Mom cannot sleep late and my Dad… well, I’m not interested in watching superhero movies.

So I’m sitting here like a lazy pig typing now. Thank you very much.

Anyways, this situation feels even worse because my right leg hurts so much. I dunno why. It’s been like that for a day or maybe a day and a half. I should just assume it’s because I played badminton yesterday, but… I dun think so. I didn’t play that much and I wasn’t even tired so there’s no freaking reason for my leg to hurt itself. I kept whining and whining but meh I know it won’t change anything. Way to start a year, leg. I love you.

And, well, one more thing. When I was watching TV waiting for new year to come, the lights suddenly went off. I cursed P*N a lot and even called them once to ask about the blackout reason. They said “We’re sorry, we haven’t got any information about the blackout in your area”

Oh, yes. And what do you expect me to say? “That’s okay, Mas. Maybe my house is on a remote island. Anyways, happy new year!”?


I wanted to scold them but I couldn’t bring myself to. So I just waited and finally the lights went on again, right before the clock shows 12AM. Well, okay. Maybe they were trolling my WHOLE CITY. Way to say happy new year, P*N. I appreciate your hard work.

So, well, that was the end of my 2014. I bet it’s worse than yours.

Anyways, I received an email yesterday, from my dearest WordPress (omg loner). It was my 2014 blogging report(?). If you’re interested in checking it out, just tell me and I’ll make it public because right now it’s still private. But I don’t think anyone would want to see it anyway so yea let’s forget it.

One thing is that I’m sorry I still can’t finish any other requests. I’ll try to finish one tomorrow if I have time.

Okay then. I think I’m sleepy rn. I have to go somewhere tomorrow (or today, whatever) so see ya!

Once again, happy new year! Hope this year can be a better year and GBU!


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