Almost Dying


So, um… as you can see… I finally appear again (again? Well excuse myself for saying that cs I dun even remember me appearing anywhere in the last 1928302019020818 years) after having such a long and mysterious hiatus.

And as you can also see, I’m very busy lately. School took all my time (not exactly all, um… I also finished reading 4 thick novels recently #BLARR) so I haven’t got much time to blog. Actually, it’s safe to say that I’ve got NO time for blogging. AT. ALL. NO. FREAKING. TIME.

At the moment, I’m nearly dying because of THREE freaking projects (two of them are for practical tests, to make it worse) and TWO daily tests. All for tomorrow. Yep. And I’ve got like… a few hours to prepare. And I dun even know why I still blog. Probs bcs I’m just too frustrated so I need some refreshing. But since I’m not a good person, I want you to also be frustrated, mainly because of one of the following reasons :

  • You thought this was a oneshot fiction so you opened it and BLAM you’re here in disappointment
  • You thought I was about to share a BTC or a riddle, but here I am…………
  • You thought I was going to write something important on this point, but in fact I just want to end the list on three


I’m sorry, I have to make people frustrated as well bcs it’s not cool being frustrated myself.

I’ll be back with some more important updates soon, but for now, I think Imma say I’ll gonna be on a long hiatus. I’ll post if I have time tho, but I’m not gonna say it’ll be frequent.




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