As Usual, After Long Hiatuses Comes Another Unimportant Rant…

Reader 1 : “Does this post need content? I think the title has quite explained everything…”

Me : “for the first time in forever, imma agree with u”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Me : “YOU shut up. I’m the one willing to talk! You’re just one hell of a nuisance!”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Me : “I didn’t ask you to repeat–”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Me : “what–”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Me : “…”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Me : “…”

Reader 1 : “oh shut up”

Okay, since I think R1 has turned into some kinda robot or something, imma begin my talk without considering her presence…

Reader 1 : “DID YOU SAY ROBOTS?”

……..or maybe that was just my brain being obsessed to sci-fi.

So yeah, as you can see, it’s been a really really long time since I last posted something. What was it? Something like LSOO 17 or so? Gosh, it feels like a millennium already 😐 or has it actually been a millennium? Idk anymore–”

Sometimes, on a normal day, I think, “Why don’t I write something on my blog? I haven’t updated anything for awhile…” And I always plan to do so after thinking that, but then… you know lah.

Reader 1 : “know what?”

Me : “omg u don’t understand?!”

Reader 1 : “in fact, nobody does”

Okay, okay, then I’ll explain.

Since I’m on the 9th grade already, I’ve got tests nearly every week. Oh, sorry, I got that wrong. I meant, nearly everyday. And I mean it. It’s really frustrating having to face difficult questions and these thoughts –> “where did I study this one?” “I think I’ve read this somewhere…” “Wait what” “what the hell is this” “speak human please” “questions in human please” “how am I supposed to answer this shit” “shit” “why do the choices sound all similar” “wtf” “stfu test paper!” “Stfu” “just stfu”
Etc… Etc… And etc…

I’m glad nobody is gifted with the ability of reading people’s minds. Otherwise, they’d know how rude I am actually and they’d probably confront me because I constantly think of dirty words and keep them all to myself, waiting for the right person to come so that I can burst them all to him/her face one day.

Well that was… just my personal dream. Now let’s face the reality.

Back to the topic. Every time I think I should write, homework got in my way. I’ve saved so many drafts in my phone that I think they’re gross. I’ve tried to continue LSOO too, of course. And failed. And failed. And failed.


So here’s the thing about it :

I actually don’t quite enjoy writing in Luna’s POV, especially bcs I need cute/funny/hot/cool/weird heroes in order to boost my mood up in writing, and Marcell doesn’t quite live up to my expectations about a hero. In fact, I like Luna. She acts better than Stephanie (except when Steph is with Jerry, but that’s another thing), and she’s more open-minded, I guess. The problem’s not with her, but with her love-interest. I bet most of LSOO readers (or maybe all of them) likes Jerry and David better than Marcell, and I’m not even a bit uncertain about that. And well yeah, so do I. Marcell is… how do I put it, flat? Whilst Jerry is sarcastic, David is friendly and all, he’s like “yeah chill… my best friend likes me and I like someone else, so let’s just ask her for help every time!” And to be very honest, that’s not so nice. If I were Luna, I would just leave him and date random guy that cares about me. Lol this breaks my mood every time I try to write romantic scenes involving both of them. And (spoilers ahead) I don’t even think Marcell would appear in the next chapter so what would I write? Luna’s monologue about how “sad depressing frustrating” her life is? Oh boo-hoo. After the last scene with Steph and Jerry, I don’t think I can write an anticlimactic scene at all. I hate monologues! Okay, I kinda lied. I sometimes like monologues, but not Luna’s. Hers is always melancholic even though she acts brave and tough outside. I like her on the outside, not inside. And is there anyone interesting enough in her story? No. Freaking no. Is there in Stephanie’s? Yes. I like Jerry, so does most of you. I like him even more after the last chapter. And am I continuing the eighteenth chapter? Yes, certainly. Just… not now. Lemme find the right time myself, when my mood’s better than this. Otherwise I’d fail again and my writing would be awful. Thank you very much.

That was just one issue. I’ve got another issue after reading some translated YA novels : I have this desire to write something with fantasy inside it. I’m pretty sure I’ve wrote one, that one shot I wrote in English called “The Evening Beauty”, but that was just one hell of a one shot. I mean, like… a story in chapters. Well, in my one shot story, I wrote about a wind spirit, right? Now I’ve got so many ideas developed from that shit.


I need to start or stop.

But, you see, since I’ve never really tried writing fantasy thingy, I’m not sure I’d succeed, like really. I once tried, and it stopped after the first chapter. I don’t even remember why, and I’ve got this feeling that I’d remember if I really try to start writing one. I’ve got the story set, the characters done (with their sketches, too), and I’ve even fangirled over them too (hah). Idk if I should start or not. I’m not even sure anyone would ever get interested in it at all.

So, um, would you mind if I hold this voting session where you vote whether or not I should write, and if I should, will action, fantasy, or mystery be better. Here you go!

Did the link work? I’ll check later lol. I hope so. Vote! Just… vote._. I’m hoping for the best.

I hope this won’t affect my exam preparations tho… Well, I guess I’ve spent enough time here. See ya on the next post!


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