A New Series is Coming Soon!


I’m guessing it’s like… a hundred years, am I right?

I’m so sorry, guys. School has just started a week ago and I’m now officially a high school student. Unfortunately, the high school I’m entering is a lot stricter than my middle school. I have to get up at 5 everyday because the school is a lot farther than my middle school, and I arrive home at like 2 (these are only orientation days. On normal days, I’ll be getting home at… half past three, probably). I’ll be having so many tasks and I’m still trying to fit in there so I’ve been so busy and I AM GOING TO BE so busy until forever. But I’ll adapt to it anyways, sooner or later. I’m already feeling pretty comfortable here in my new school. I hope everything will go well for me for the rest of the days I’m going to have to spend here.

Anyways, in the midst of all the school business, I suddenly remember that I’ve been neglecting this blog for a really long time. The realization struck me like a lightning when one of my new friends was writing a fanfiction in class. This is pretty much the convo we had :

Me : “Hey, you write fanfictions! Where do you post them? Do you have a blog?”

Friend : “No, I never post them. Do you have a blog, though?”

Me : “…”

Friend : “…”

Me : “…”

Friend : “…”

Me : “…”

Friend : “…”

Me : “…”

Friend : “…”

Me : “um… yes, I guess I have one.”

Friend : “Cool! What do you write there?”

Me : “Like… bloody stories full of murders. Because I like them. I’m actually writing a book too with my friend, a fellow blogger.”

Friend : “Oh, cool! How will you publish it?”

Me : “Self-publishing, I guess. On some… sites.”

Friend : “Wow”

Me : “Yeah… wow.”

Me : “Yeah…………..”

Me : ( ( ( tf have I been doing to my blog ) ) )

I MEAN, LIKE, SERIOUSLY, GUYS? THIS BLOG’S LAYOUT HASN’T EVEN BEEN CHANGED SINCE FOREVER! I’ve always had the plan to change it soon, but it’s always ‘soon’. It’s never ‘now’ or anything, and therefore, you can see how my blog looks so last year (like… literally).

Putting that layout thingy aside, I’ve a much more important thing to discuss.

It’s, as you may have guessed, about LSOO.

I haven’t continued that series since a few months ago, and I’ve pretty much lost my hold of the plot. It used to be pretty strong, though. But, lately, I just haven’t been thinking about it anymore and now that I have to think about it, I realize it’s not the genre I prefer anymore.

Well, I’ve never really liked romantic stuff that much. I used to like it back then when I was still a kid because that’s what every kid does. But, now, I have something else I prefer as a genre, and I think it’s much better. It’s not that romantic stuff is not cool. As a matter of fact, I think I’m still in love with them. I can’t go on with a story that has no clue to the genre ‘romance’, neither can I not write about a couple or more. It’s just that… LSOO is pure romance, and THAT is what I don’t really like.

To me, a story with mere romance as its foundation is no more than garbage. You’ll like it, sure. But what do you get from it? It’s just another fairytale that won’t ever happen in your life anyways. And I’m pretty sure not every single one of you will get caught up in a triangle love situation that always happens everywhere. ALWAYS. The majority of your love stories will be just fine, and that’s not what romantic novels have taught you. Some don’t even have to try hard or anything, and that makes romantic novels unrealistic.

I’m not saying that there will at least be one murdery with you as the eyewitness, but what I’m saying is that romantic stories don’t even have its selling point anymore. If you can’t make it unique, you have to at least make it realistic. Mere love story is NOT even unique. And just like what I said, it’s VERY unrealistic. Meanwhile, stories with different genres, such as detective thingy… they’re already UNIQUE to begin with. So, why make it THAT realistic? It already has its selling point! Get what I mean?

That’s why, guys, about LSOO… I’m not sure. I think I might not be continuing it for real this time. I know, that series has so many memories written there. I know, I’ve struggled so much just to get it this far. So, ‘I’m not sure’ is the right phrase, I think. I might continue it one day if I feel so nostalgic and I miss the story. But, not in a short while.

Instead, I’ll be making a new series with the genre I prefer. I’ll make sure I won’t drag this one any longer than LSOO. I’ve pretty much improved myself in writing shorter stories, so I’m expecting that this one won’t be that long so it won’t tire any of you. It’s just that I’ll be needing some advice or more. I’ve already had the basic in my mind, but not title, casts, and such. I haven’t got to the technical stuff, and I’ll be getting there very soon.

I hope my decision doesn’t disappoint you. And I think that’s it.

Will be back soon with more updates. Bye!


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