New Overall Layout Featuring Teen Top’s Ricky!


If the site loads perfectly, it should look like this


Okay, well, yeah, um… I did tell you guys I would change this blog’s overall layout. I said I would go for an extreme change, and… yeah, here you go. I didn’t go for all dark, I didn’t go for all summery either. Instead, I went all CUTE!

If you are familiar with tumblr, probably this theme won’t surprise you, because it’s kinda tumblr-ish, isn’t it? And I didn’t intend to make Ricky the model, but I happened to be remembering that he would suit this theme, so it just went that way. This theme somehow suits the blog’s icon more, and I actually really like it. I’ve also changed my icon (again, for the second time today) to fit the theme.

I’m using the theme TONAL, which is a free theme from (the only thing I can do since I have no credit card to buy themes or anything online, PLUS having no money to do so). The Ricky picture credit goes to My Last Hero (for my icon), and for the background… I honestly don’t know. I can’t read hangul and the credit was in hangul. I got the picture from my friend because I asked for it lol

Anyways, sorry, whoever owns the picture. I love your picture, so don’t get offended please ): I really have no idea how to mention your fansite name since I really don’t know. Once again, I’m really really sorry.

To you readers, you can still find my pages when you click the menu button on the top right (the three lines in small black box). This is one of the disadvantages of this new layout, since you can’t just see the menu right away, but you have to click the button first. But, well… for me, it’s okay.

And I’ve also changed the tagline from this blog. It was pretty absurd and was in a very poor English, so I changed it. It’s now “Because scary things are not always coated in black” and it actually suits my blog so much. I mean, yea, you know, most of the contents of my blog is all dark and horror, but then you got this super cute layout while you’re reading. It might feel awkward, to be honest, but I’ve decided that THE AWKWARDNESS is the new thing in this blog, yay!

Besides, if you look at my background, at Ricky’s photo, he actually said “DIE” :3 so in my opinion, that’s pretty smart :3 I love that line of mine :3 hehe :3

And just to brag a bit, I’ll show you the transformation of the TONAL theme in my hands :tonal-mainimage1



And don’t you think I’m bragging THAT much, because I actually went through so much just to edit a perfect layout. Look at the amount of tries I did for the background and header :3 2 1

YEP. THAT MANY. And yes, I tried. So, if you don’t like it, I’m so sorry.

Tell me in your comments, whether you like this theme better, or the latter one better. I want to know what you think. That’s it. Bye!!


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