You Can Now Find Me and “In the Shadows Behind the Curtain” on Wattpad!



I’m here with a super good news–kinda. And you pretty much can already read it from the title because it quite summarizes everything.

Yep! It’s about my new Wattpad account!

Well, nah. Actually, it’s not new. I’ve been having it since months ago, I predict. But I haven’t been really active on it. I followed a user, a very popular one. Her stories attract everyone and I thought I might give it a try, but in fact, I haven’t given it a try at all. So, I just follow her without actually reading any of her works.

Look, I have yet to fully understand how this app/website/whatever works, and I’ve no marketing strategy to make people read my stories–even though they might like it. So… um, yeah, I’m not aiming for anything there. I’ll just hang around and have fun and try to post my stories regularly and maybe people will come by themselves…? I dunno. I don’t hope much, but possibility is possibility.

And, anyway, I’ve posted a story there! And it’s, of course, In the Shadows Behind the Curtain aka ITSBTC. Just the prologue also, since I haven’t really finished chapter one due to a crash on my laptop days ago. I’ve almost finished it, but… RIP. Because I forgot to move it to Disc D so everything got erased, and I’ve to start from zero again because it’s THAT bad.

Well, let’s see the bright side : maybe I can add some more good details to it!

Back to the topic, if you wanna find me on Wattpad, click the picture below :


And for ITSTBC, find it here :


Just wait a little longer, and I’ll come back with a super cool chapter! I dare to promise you lol


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