[ANNOUNCEMENT] New BBM Pin for Blog Needs and Spoilers!


Okay, okay, don’t kill me.

Reader 1 : “AND YOU’RE ONE TO SAY?”

Me : “I’m…”


Me : “what the hell is a dumb state even-“

Reader 1 : “YOU DARE SA-“

Me : “Eh, no, no, no. Calm down, bud. Ily.”

So, well, I’ve been disappearing for like a thousand years and here I am, coming back so shamelessly, asking for an apology from you guys. Seriously, I’m literally sighing loudly right now.

See, I’m sorry again. I’ve abandoned this blog for pretty much weeks, and it’s really disgraceful of me regardless of how busy I am. I should’ve left some notice before actually getting prepared to see the stats falling down to the floor (like how it’s been doing these few days, actually). I even got only ONE SOLID VIEW here today, and it really makes me sad yet guilty idk even.

And this is JUST HOW DESPERATE I am to make a new post, so I’m sorry again if this isn’t actually important.

But, well, I’ve got a new BBM Pin for you guys, as you can already read from that big title up there.

You can invite me all you want, and I’ll accept all invitations.

However, I will delete your contact and ignore your future invitations if :

  1. You chat me inappropriate things. Like 18+ shit I don’t have the right age to deal with. Or you annoy me so much by chatting me all the time (although there might not be people who desperately want to chat me so bad, but well…)
  2. You use inappropriate display pictures. Like porn pictures. I’m DEAD serious about this.
  3. I can’t read your display name. Like… if you’re using too much autotext I barely can read anything vocal there. Man, I’ll delete your contact right away, okay?

That’s it. The rest is all fine by me.

Why do you want to invite my pin?

Well, because :

  1. I post spoilers there. I’ll sometimes snap a picture while writing MOTO and make it my display picture, like when there’s something too hilarious happening.
  2. I update whenever I post something new. Well, other than this post, that is. Because that’d be so damn weird if I update saying I promote that pin on my blog and people should check it out, right….
  3. I post EVEN MORE spoilers there. I’ll sometimes draw a MOTO or SC or ITSTBC character and not tell you here but use it as my display picture. And… *cries a little bit* maybe an LSOO character. And… who knows if I’m continuing LSOO…? You guys gotta know when you invite me.
  4. I post EVEN MORE AND MORE spoilers there. See, I’ve done the cover for MOTO, the blurbs and all. And I ain’t showing you here.
  5. You can ask me anything and I’ll answer right away! You might even wanna draw out personal spoilers from me and I’ll… well, you’ll see……..

I’m gonna be all kind and show you my first ever spoiler there to you guys.

Reader 1 : “Yay! Spoi-”

Me : “However, R1 not included.”

Reader 1 : “……..”

Reader 1 : “I’M GONNA CRUSH YO-”

Me : “Crush me all you want. Not afraid of ya anymore.”

Reader 1 : “…”



A MAJESTIC ANIME VERSION IMS DRAWING, STEP-BY-STEP! (I don’t show the steps here, of course).

Lol, nah, look, I used too much effect there, so the color in the middle and background faded a lot. I’ll show you the #nofilter version when you invite me. Lol.

And, actually, I wanted you to guess who’s who, but then I think it’s clear enough, right? I’m being pretty merciful for drawing all that. You’ll get at least Alice, Catherine, Gwen, Rosa, and Andrew (and probably you can figure out the rest anyway).

The pic I uploaded was that I posted on my Instagram, so maybe that’s not the actual spoiler but well yea.

I think that’s it.

You might wanna invite me now on :


PIN : 5A2BCC25

That’s all leh. BYE!


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