Embrace Yourself : “Escape Route” is Coming to Town!




So, before I start with another nonsense about how cool the poster for this project is, I’d better explain what this project is supposed to even mean from the beginning.

As you all know, Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, and I’m getting all hyped up about it–maybe most of you, too. I used to write one or two stories on my past blogs as Christmas special bits, and they were all about the same old love stories, so I thought, “Why not make something for Magical Hidden Notes that’s more… Magical Hidden Notes?

And that’s how I came up with this idea.

Basically, this project is half fiction and half game. Who’s playing the game? ALL OF YOU. Who’s writing the fiction? Well, me, of course.

This will be the first experiment I’m making, and I was inspired by… well, otome games, but I’m not that miserable, alright? I don’t play otome games, but I know how it works, and I think it’s quite interesting–to have routes you can choose and all.

So, after I explained that, have you got the basic idea of this project?

Yep, you’re gonna choose your own route in my story!

And to make it more lively and interesting, I’m gonna use some of my favorite characters from my past fictions, such as Little Stories of Ours, Mystery of the Orphanage, Stacy’s Curse : Torment or Threat, and the ongoing serial, In the Shadows Behind the Curtain! However, I’m not going to take all characters. I’m choosing some, and you can guess from now who they are (major clue : they’re all guys, since the main character is a girl).

Speaking about the main character, you might wonder who the main character is gonna be. But I’m telling you : no need to look for her, she’s you! And I don’t care if you’re a guy in real life. You just have to put yourself in a girl’s perspective and PLAY!

Oh, and just in case you don’t understand, no need to generate a certain name for your character, just be you. Your name will not be needed, and I’ll take the story from your point of view, so when it comes to you, I’ll just refer to you as ‘aku’ (I’ve read some stories with the readers as main character and they use ‘kamu’ instead, and THAT’S JUST EW. SUPER EW).

There’s gonna be at least three chapters of this project, and the final battle will be the longest. As you might’ve guessed, the final battle will be released on December 25, exactly during Christmas! But I doubt this story has anything to do with Christmas, though. There won’t be snow or Santa Claus whatsoever. This story is more of a dark kind. However, there will be some Christmas bits at the end–if you get to some certain endings, but I’ll reconsider inserting it to all the ending alternatives to keep it relevant.

All you need to do to play this game is read the story and enjoy. The first chapter is 90% story, because it’s the background and basic. However, there will be one or two questions that will determine your ending in the next chapters, but there will be no splitting. You’ll have to answer the questions but DON’T WRITE IT ON THE COMMENT BOX. I’ll create a survey at the end of the post so you can write your answers there.

In the survey, your name and e-mail is required, so when the next chapter is published, I’ll e-mail you to notify and remind you of your answers on the previous chapter (you won’t have to keep it in mind the whole time). I won’t use your e-mail for anything other than that, though, so don’t worry. However, I’ll totally close the comment box, and I have reasons :

  1. You’ll be an influence to the other readers. For example, you chose A, and you wrote it on the comment box. Another player is unsure about his/her answer, therefore decided to check the comments first and found your answer. There’s a big chance that he/she will follow you afterwards, and that’s not what I want.
  2. Just kidding. I only have one reason. LOL.

I’m not sure, though, if anyone would be interested in playing, but at least I’m excited about my own experiment! I hope you guys will join!

Oh, and to guess who the characters are gonna be, you can reread my works and reunite with the characters first! Here I’ll link you :

Cover by Cindy Handoko

tot-poster-2itsbtc-posterThat’s it! The first chapter will probably be published around December 5! The next will follow!

See ya D-day!


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