Investigation of a Homicide

Hello! You just clicked to read my fiction “Investigation of a Homicide”. Good choice! However, it is no longer free to read anymore. Sorry!

You can read it by purchasing the book Doppelganger. (Click the link). It is there under the title “The Murder Case of Brandon Jacobs. Also, the book contains one of my other fictions titled “The Trail of Cinderella (Jejak Cinderella)”, which is one of my most favorite works of all time. Contact me at :

LINE : aquablue17 OR cihandoko (it is safer to chat both of them if you want a fast response and I’ll reply you using one of those accounts)

Instagram’s DM : @cinhtw

E-mail :

And if you want to watch the movie based on this story (“Investigation of a Homicide” / “The Murder Case of Brandon Jacobs”), you can watch it below! (P.S : I recommend you reading the narrative version first, for it will give out some major spoilers!)



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