My First Post in 2016 and It’s March Already?!

Reader 1 : “No. Just no.”

Me : “I’m–“

Reader 1 : “What a shame.”

Me : “But–“

Reader 1 : “What a FUCKIN shame.”

Me : “…”

Me : “…”

Me : “…”

Me : “I agree.”

Okay, I’m not even gonna start with the apologies, because at this point it’s kinda natural to know that you guys are probably fed up with those kinds of things since I constantly threw it in your faces every time I made an appearance, which wasn’t nearly enough appearance to satisfy anyone ever. But allow me to explain this situation first–practically to nobody, because I notice that my stats have been falling down the cliff because of this shitty hiatus thing.

I’m not gonna say I was busy–well, I was, but even in your busiest time, you can always make a space for some entertainment, can’t you? Like… a full fifteen minutes of staring at the wall wondering what the heck you’re doing with life, which you can also spend writing something on your freaking blog. But I didn’t, so it was clearly not the fault of bustle.

I’m also not gonna say I was lazy. In fact, I keep writing even up till now. Mystery of the Orphanage is so close to the ending I feel like screaming. But, well… I could’ve left a share of it here, but I didn’t. So, yeah.

Lastly, it’s not boredom’s fault as well, since deep down in my heart, I know I still love blogging as much as I love rolling on my bed and cowering under my blanket for days–which means sooooo much, especially after spending my days in a super strict Catholic high school, in case you have no idea (and you’re welcome).

So, whose fault is it, you ask?

Well, thanks for asking, but I’d totally say I’m putting the blame on my mood. You see, it’s really getting me tired, and the people here is not interactive at all, so it’s kinda meh. I kinda expected some of you readers to at least leave a single hi or anything, but I got nothing, and it’s clearly not because none of you read what I’ve been posting here–I know, guys, I know. I can see it from the stats.

But I wrote on the welcoming post that I was okay with not getting responses for my works?

Yes. Yes, I did. I certainly did.

Like, that was what I thought at first. See, it was okay when I started this blog, but as things go on, it just kinda occurs to me that this is getting more and even more pointless. And as time passed by, I got more absorbed in things that give me more pleasure. It’s the efficiency, guys, the efficiency. Oh, the amount of time I spent reading books and writing for my own sake. It was more fulfilling than ever.

That’s how I and my blog started to drift apart, and I’m sorry to say, but I don’t even remember that I have a blog sometimes, even when I’m having a spare time or, say, a week of holiday. That’s just… how things are.

So, I think I’ll be going on a much longer hiatus anyways, and I’ll post when I think I want to–and when I actually have something new to share. I won’t set a goal to myself again, and it won’t make me feel guilty anymore to leave a cliffhanger to you guys. But things might change if this actually gets a response. So it’s kinda your last chance to show me how responsive you are.

That’s it. I don’t have much time blabbering here. I’ve got an exam tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. So I think I prefer using my time efficiently. I hope you guys enjoy your day.


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