Okay, So… About Mystery of the Orphanage…

Let’s use the title as the first sentence.

Okay, so… about Mystery of the Orphanage… (Wait, does it make this the second sentence?)


(Who could care less?)

Anyhow, it’s very disgusting that I appear here again after what feels like a hundred years and act so casually as if nothing happened, but since I’ve explained myself on the last post, I feel no guilt at all. Sorry not sorry. (Okay, at this point, maybe I’ve irritated you much, but it’s hard putting on a sentence that doesn’t do so).

As you might’ve been aware, I’m coming here again to discuss my long, frequently delayed project with the owner of the currently inactive blog, shining-hearts, Mystery of the Orphanage book aka MOTO book.

(Edit : I just checked and she’s actually active on her blog! Surprise!)

I can’t say exactly when did we start this project, not because I don’t want to or because this is a classified information, but because I forgot.


You see, it’s been a long ride. We’ve been doing the project for at least 1,5 years (since we were still middle school kids who cared so much about grades and not how shitty we looked). It sounds like so much of a pain to check the date at this point, so nah. And besides, it’s not that important since I have a better news to announce.





(Okay, of course not. Because who else still reads this blog besides me?)

For the second time, it’s been a long ride. It surely has been. See, we’ve been dragging on the project so many times, and it’s good to know that we needn’t worry about it anymore.

So, in total, MOTO book has :

– a glorious third person point of view prologue

-41 chapters that consist of : 6 Bryan chapters, 6 Andrew chapters, 5 Catherine chapters, 7 Joshua chapters, 3 Rosaline chapters, 3 Sam chapters, and FREAKING 11 ALICE CHAPTERS. (Okay, seriously. I just REALIZED that as well. And what’s with the 6 and 6 Andrew Bryan chapters? Whoa the competition sure is tough there man. Look at yo girl takin 5 steps ahead of you……. almost literally)

– a holy epilogue that consists of 7 sub-chapters plus 1 SURPRISE sub-chapter. Okay this epilogue got me emotional so leave me alone for now.

Well, the problem here is, the numbers above might not be the final result. Guess why, because it’s still raw! It hasn’t been edited except by both the authors, bcs it hasn’t even been sent to any publisher.

Let’s get to the background story a bit, shall we?

So, after finishing the raw script, we were surprised that it only took 185 pages long. YAS BITCHES(2). I said 185 pages long. And I literally used the same spacing and font (both type and size) for that as what I used on the ebooks for the blog version. Meanwhile, the fourth chapter of the blog version ALONE took 100 pages. Wow. Just wow. (Damn, what did I even write there, I wonder?)

So, somehow, we managed to cut it short and still kinda maintained the comedy aspect, although not as strong as what we did on the blog version, but it’s only natural.

Then, the disaster came. It came fast.

We kinda tried to put the script on a format (which was the format of a self-publishing company). The paper size there was 13 x 19 cm, which was like, super small for a novel. Like old novels, probably.

And it turned out to be





Oh, no. Screwed as hell.

But could we actually do something about it? Yes, of course we could. But we wouldn’t want to.

Why should we delete chapters we wrote with such hard work and dedication and only get it as a thin copy of self-published book people would not widely notice anyway?

Wait, why don’t we just shove all 422 pages down their throat, you asked?

Well, BECAUSE the price would be expensive as hell. We figured the base price itself has reached IDR 112k and with the extra price in addition, nobody would pay for it! (At least, I wouldn’t, if I were you. Would rather take out a 600 pages Magnus Chase book from the bookshelf and pay 99k for it. BECAUSE RICK RIORDAN).

So, with that in mind, we decided to send it to an ACTUAL publisher.

Well, not yet, actually.

I kinda contacted a publisher and asked if they would bother reading our script and considering it, and they asked for a synopsis first. I kinda wrote it in a flash and sent it to them, but it hasn’t got responded up till now. Well, no biggie. I just asked them to contact me immediately if they happen to have read my e-mail this afternoon, and they said sure. We have a high chance, but OF COURSE there’s also another high chance that they would be confused after reading my synopsis.



Well, everybody knows it’s such a complicated series of awesomeness (at least not the last part, but the ‘complicated’ part is still true to everyone, I’m sure). So it’s not easy writing a full synopsis for that (SINGS TEEN TOP’S SIPJI ANHA BECAUSE NOSTALGIA). I wouldn’t mind doing a blurb, but I’ve already done it and offered it to them just to get a “Not enough. Synopsis, please.”

So, just to remind you about how majestically complicated MOTO is. I’ll write a one paragraph blurb for you (maybe two). Here :

There’s this super elite orphanage that has an independent school and such. Murder attempts happened. Eight students who called themselves IMS wanted to investigate. The principal prohibited. They didn’t listen. They went with the flow and became so awesome. The end.

Okay, just kidding. I’m actually so lazy and bored to write another same story in short version. I wouldn’t mind starting the second book now, but please not the synopsis/blurb/whatever again (OOPS leaked an information. But who reads it anyway?)

So, that’s it, I think, for now. If we receive any further news in the near future, I don’t promise to inform you because it wouldn’t be fun (I’m so honest. I’m awesome. I’m Andrew). But I’ll make sure MOTO book will be in your hands this year! If we’re lucky, before we all rot! (Does being slightly sarcastic make me Jerry or just Andrew again?)

Okay, who cares about the closing anyway. Bye for now!


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