[POEM #1] A Poem

Today, I cried for the first time

It’s not about heartbreak

It’s not even about love

It’s about the choices my heart picks,

and the choices it can’t have

It’s about a life I want to live,

and the life I would never live

It’s not even about growing up,

it’s about growing old

Counting the stars you could’ve noticed

when it wasn’t as dark

Counting the memories you missed

when they could’ve been sweet memories

In the end, it was what you let go of

It was what you doubted while you still had time

And when the sun goes down,

you are left with what-ifs

Then it all comes down to this :

What if the sun never rises

and tomorrow never comes?

To that, I smiled

For it is all in the past

And tomorrow’s not changing it

So it’s okay

It’s okay to cry, to shed tears

And maybe there won’t be more regrets

when it can no longer be done

–CH, February 2017

So I did mention in my last post that I’ve been quite into poems lately that I bought a cute book to write in (AND YES IT IS VERY CUTE I HAVE TO MENTION IT AGAIN TO EMPHASIZE THANK YOU). I’m nowhere near done with filling out all the pages, but I figured I should share them here as well just in case you folks can relate to some. I’m quite new to poems in English, so I’m yet to be able to write anything poetic, so what I’ll be posting should range from bad to decent. I hope it’s okay that way, though. Might be improving along the way. Looking forward to it.

Anyways, this was my very first poem in the book. Of course it was originally handwritten, but I don’t have a good camera and the lighting in my house is quite trashy so I’m afraid the photo would not look… Instagrammable. That way, the picture quality would definitely make it look cheap. It would look like a bunch of melancholic paragraphs written by a stressed out 13 year old (which might be true. Except I’m 16. But hey, just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it can’t NOT look like that! Lmao)

And yes, the title is TOTALLY that. Dunno if I’ll ever be good at finding titles but right now I suck. I suck much. Like I would write a story so sad and dramatic about a girl whose sister died because of cancer and is moving out of her house with her family because they couldn’t pay their debts and put “A Sad Story” as the title.

Reader 1 : “…”

Uh… okay. Maybe not that bad. But I certainly suck. And I know that.

Reader 1 : “Yeah… I can see that. I just HAVE to come out to tell you this.”

Me : “…”

Me : “Thanks”

Also, I intended to write my full name at the end of the poem but it wouldn’t sound mysterious that way. LOL. But just because I only wrote my initials doesn’t mean you can take this off my blog and claim it as yours. I know the poem is bad and could pass for a school assignment, but um… nah. Just not worth it. Trust me.

Anyways, I’ll be posting more poems one by one from now on. I only have like 4 beside this, but I’ll be making more I guess. I also write some quotes. Might share them as well. Few comments would be appreciated!


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