New Series Coming Up! (I Guess…)

So I know. I know you’re gonna kill me.

In the Shadow Behind the Curtain still hanging around waiting to be finished, and I’m coming up with a new series. Yes. The killing’s gonna be very reasonable.

I’m not gonna explain myself. I’ve learned enough not to make me sound like an irresponsible, reason-faking writer (which I’m not, but maybe I am. I dunno actually. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned somewhere that I have problems understanding myself. You’re welcome.)

Reader 1 : “Well I’m pretty sure as well you mentioned somewhere that you promised to finish ITSBTC for real.”

Me : “Okay. You can be very mean sometimes and you don’t know it.”

Reader 1 : “Oh I know it. I know it very well.”

Me : “Well I didn’t. Thanks.”

To clarify, yes, I did mention that. It was a very desperate sentence I wrote, I guess? I thought I was ready enough to handle one full series without experiencing writer’s block, which I’m not. I realize mid-writing that ITSBTC lacks a lot of things. I notice that too in all of my other stories, but of all things, ITSBTC lacked characters, which is the one thing I can never stand. I mean, a story can be v boring or get too dragged on without an actual plot and I would still enjoy it if there are good characters to die for, but a story can be totally appealing and still I’m dropping it if the characters are boring. Got my point there now?

Okay, of course I like Ara. She’s cool. She’s more… me than, say, Alice. She’s half-blind as well, which is a very good potential for an interesting character. But I kinda lost her after the first two chapters or so, I guess. Like I couldn’t understand what kind of girl I was trying to portray through my writings. Like sometimes she’s this, but sometimes she’s gonna be that too. It’s pretty confusing, I’d say. The love interest, Theo, had potentials too. He’s a goof, which is charming. He sounds smart from the way he talks. He can be a meanie, which is cool. But again, I lost him. Like, I remember in the last chapters he got pretty friendly with Ara, did he not? Well, was he supposed to just jump off from being a sarcastic goof to an easygoing, stereotypical guy? Pretty sure he wasn’t?

Exception was Jeanna, which is still pretty kickass when I look at her. LOL. I already had a clear image about her since the very beginning, so I’m getting the hang of it. But that’s just her. Aside from those three characters, I had trouble figuring everyone else out. Like I can mention the members of the drama club but not describe them. Got me there?

I’m still continuing ITSBTC tho, despite all my rants about the shallow characters. I’m just not doing it anytime soon, and when I do, I’ll try to fix all the broken characters and throw some interesting moments here and there. Not sure if it’ll be an easy work, but worth a try because everyone says the plot is actually VERY COOL (gotta agree with them. Not expecting you to do that as well, though. You can’t see how cool it is yet based on what I’ve written so far.) If fixing it turned out well, I might not post the next chapters here, tho. Better send them to a real publisher. LOL.

Anyway, talking about publishers, I’ve been dreaming of getting my own book published since forever. I mean, not just as a contributor, but, like, actually write a whole damn fine book. I’ve started on a few scripts as well. You know, lots of plot ideas going on my mind. Typical. I’ve actually written a few chapters here and there as well, but I realize that finishing a book is a tough work for someone whose ideas are everywhere like me. Like, after a few chapters, I’ll get bored, and decide to write another series with a fresh idea, and so on, and so on. It’s starting to frustrate me. Like I just wanna finish one freaking script and I’m just not letting myself. Damn ideas. Damn writer’s block.

And I think I’ve taken enough break here on my blog so I thought, why not just post one of those series here? I’ve not finished any one of them, like I said, and I don’t promise to. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I admit that I can’t guarantee a finished series this time. Huge possibility that I’m gonna write a few chapters and then, poof, yet another hiatus. Yet another unfinished story. If you’re okay with that. (Actually, no. I’m gonna post anyway whether or not you’re okay with that. LOL.)

And I know it’s unlikely to get a response since I don’t have many readers, but I’m just gonna let you choose which story you’re most interested to read. I’m gonna lay out some… blurbs down here so you can have a look :

(Oh, and by the way, I haven’t decided on titles yet, so I’ll just use numbers. LOL.)

Plot #1 : Gonna be my first time writing fantasy. It’s about a high school boy (AGAIN) who is also a synesthete. If you don’t know, that is a term for people who have an unusual experience with their senses. In his case, he can see sounds in the form of colors. Sixteen years with his almost broken family and messed up life, he thought it was the strangest thing he could ever experience. Turned out he was wrong. When he saw kids with glowing, colorful, smokes behind their bodies and colored eyes wearing black hoodies without anyone noticing, he knew he was diving into another level of strange. Those people, he believed, was the members of ‘Ghost Class’ a.k.a Class Z, a mysterious class in his school which members are never seen by anyone. People be spreading rumors about ghosts or monsters living there, but he kind of knew it must be them and he should never meddle with them ever again. But when the principal called him and said he was to move into Class Z without any good reason after a super weird incident the previous day, he didn’t know he was about to throw himself into some dangerous things with a bunch of mysterious strangers. And he certainly, certainly didn’t know who orย what they were, since they themselves didn’t as well.

Plot #2 : Might be semi sci-fi, I guess? Except I don’t dare write sci-fi. LOL. It’s set in the future, where the Earth has just survived from a mess because of a plague, so they’re building the countries from scratches all over again. In a small city called Alisville, (guess who *drumroll*) another boy (!!) wake up from his comma. Last time he remembered, he was a 12 year old running away after seeing his father get killed by someone, but he couldn’t remember who the person was. Now he woke up as a 16 year old, voice and body changed a lot to the point that he couldn’t recognize himself. He and his mother now living in a small cottage, in some sort of hideaway from an unknown terror, and his mother even has an adopted daughter he didn’t know. That sure was a lot to take, but turned out there was even more. He found out that a mysterious figure has been terrorizing Alisville for some years now, and he might be the person killing his father four years ago. He knew he had to do something about it. He had to know who the person was, and why, for some reasons, the person seem to target his family the most.

Plot #3 : (Guess who) Another boyyyy (!!!) got over his depression after his girlfriend committed suicide a few years ago… or so he thought. Soon after he started living a normal life all over again, he started seeing his girlfriend everywhere he goes. But every time he tries to approach her, she’ll disappear. She might be just a part of his hallucination, but why would he hallucinate of her wearing black cloth and some fierce look she’d never shown when he can only remember her as a sweet girl? He was going mad because of the images, but one night, the girlfriend appeared in his bedroom out of nowhere, and told him something surreal : he only has two more months to live.


Okay, three titles, it is. I have more, but I’m not gonna confuse myself. Or you.

I was gonna make a poll to let you choose, but I figured I wanna hear your reasons too. This might not get any responses, but I’m cool either way. LOL. You don’t have to write your choice in the comment box, but it would be lovely if you do so. If you’re shy(?), though, you can just DM me on Instagram or leave a message somewhere.

Anyway, I’m so sleepy right now so I guess this calls for an end.

Hope two posts at once didn’t overwhelm you!


2 thoughts on “New Series Coming Up! (I Guess…)

  1. Number three for the W ! *okeoce* ๐Ÿ˜‚
    It’s full of mystery and I hope there’ll be lots of twisted plots cos those are what you’re good at.
    But the other two are also bout mystery tho ๐Ÿ˜‚
    But they are not as dark as the last one
    So yeah… ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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