[POEM #2] Did You Once Love a Star?

Did you once love the sky?

Did you once love the twinkles, the whisper of the wind?

It became so close

You touched it,

you found your place in it

Then you saw it up close

and it was not as beautiful

You spent your life growing up

Among stars so bright they were blinding

Then came a dim star

Its light barely shone

And you fell in love

What lies behind?

What’s cloaking it that it dimmed?

In the night sky so wide

You seek for answers

But what you are looking for

never existed

It was just another star

Not as beautiful as others

But you’ve been living in such

wonders and beauty

that you thought it was surreal

But you’ll become so close

You’ll touch it, but won’t find your place in it

And you’ll see it up close

to wonder why you fell in love

or if you even did

And maybe one day I’ll write another poem

And it shall start with this :

Did you once love me?

–CH, March 2017


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