Roses, roses…

Ini adalah pertama kalinya aku menulis lagi setelah bertahun-tahun. Malam sudah larut, dan walaupun jendela kamarku tertutup rapat, aku bisa merasakan embusan angin–merambat pelan, tetapi mencekik. Tidak nampak, tetapi membunuh.

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High School Review : I Messed Up

(WARNING : This post might contain some inappropriate choices of words, regardless of how hard I’ve been trying not to swear lately. I just… can’t for this one. Oh, and also, this would sound so much like a teenager whining, but I am a teenager whining, so please excuse me).

Howdy! So, uh, um… I’m coming back. Grave wasn’t really my place, I guess. Sorry for the late realization. Should’ve tried to notify you all about this earlier, but meh, too much happened…

…in grave. Or should I say, high school.

Okay, so let me begin with this one : I just recently graduated from high school. Like, yesterday. I scrolled through my Instagram timeline today and saw lots of pictures–never ending, all with the same tone–my friends posted. About yesterday, about months ago when we took our very yearbook pictures, about these three years we spent they called beautiful.

I read everything they wrote.

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