The Writer

Howdy! I am honored that you even clicked to read this page, because this has got to be the most unimportant page in this blog, which I would fill with things about myself.

Judging from the language I use on most of my stories, you can already figure out that I am Indonesian, and I do English only for fun. Still haven’t got enough confidence yet to write longer series in English, so I just do poems, quotes, and short fictions.

And, yes, yes, HELL YES, I love writing. Be it stories, poems, rants, whatever. I have a feeling that even this page would be long as heck, although I did mention that I consider this unimportant.

Oh, have I even mentioned my name yet? Sorry, got too caught up. One of my bad habits, I guess.

So, my name is Cindy Handoko. (You can already see that from my profile anyway.) I live in Solo as of now. Uh… wait, who am I kidding? More like I’ve lived in Solo SINCE FOREVER (and I’m bored as hell sometimes, but life’s got its own flow so yea. Gotta be hard with school and family and such for now). Hearing the mentions of ‘school’ and ‘family’, you can already guess that I’m still a student, I assume. And yes, I am. I freaking am. Guess being born in 2000 can’t make you an adult by now. In several years. Soon. Not now, though.

When I am revising this page, I am thinking about my past self, and how I used to write so many things like my birth date and star sign and such, but I figured it would be unnecessary. Instead, uh… what should I even tell you? LMAO. There’s nothing interesting to know, really.

I like books, if you haven’t figured out just yet. BUT THAT IS FREAKING CLEAR ALREADY. I’m even pretty sure that you’re picturing a bookworm sitting in front of her laptop trying to outsmart herself. (Wait, why did that describe myself more than I intended it to? Um…)

I like making arts and music. I draw, and although I’m not particularly good at it, I still enjoy it. It’s been an on and off hobby for me since I was a little kid (I do the offs more often. LOL.) You can check out some of my works on Instagram or on the Mini Gallery page. As for music, I can’t play any instrument, actually. But I do sing. And it is my most consistent hobby my whole life. I sing Alto, in case you’re interested to know, which is unlikely.

I like exploring new things. Like, you know, I like ANYTHING that sounds good and looks good and yeah, I know I’m not making any sense here. They are always relative, but I pretty much like everything? I mean, I DO have opinions about lots of things, but when asked to write about it generally, I can only say that. I don’t dislike or hate anything, anyone, strongly.

You know, this page ages very quickly. Like I would write the things I like, but it would be freaking pop culture and several months later it’ll change, so I’m keeping myself from doing that. If you are interested in knowing what I like at the moment, you can instead check my social media platforms like Instagram, and… uh, what else do I have I don’t even have Snapchat. LOL. So, yea, Instagram. Or you can get to know me personally by chatting me online (LINE, BBM, or DM would do) and I’ll probably make some horribly long rants about the things I’m digging once I get comfortable with you anyway. My contacts are at the very end of this page.

Anyway, on to my journey as a writer. Oh God, that was exaggerating. I’m not even a proper writer yet (and I know some of you just cringed at the word ‘journey’. Sorry, I can’t even find a better word and I’m supposed to be a writer here. The irony is real.) So, um… I’ve always liked writing. I first finished something when I was on first grade. I was like six back then, and I got so proud. I remember it was a story about a cactus. Got inspired by a picture storybook I just read about a pine tree . Of course, because kids are so cutely creative like that, right? I literally called my mom to read her my one page story back then. LMAO. Pretty sure she was not particularly amazed, but well, gotta do her best making her child feel like the coolest kid on Earth. LOL.

From then on, I continued to like writing. I have also developed a liking to drawing since I was in kindergarten, so I kinda combined both my hobbies and made comics during my first years in elementary school. I was so confident about my work that I even SOLD AND RENTED my comic papers to my friends for Rp500,00 to Rp1000,00 okay please don’t laugh. Being innocent liddo human beings, my friends BOUGHT MY COMICS. Okay now I’m laughing. But really, it was a confidence boost I needed. I started to think that I was good at it that at one time I decided to start actually writing. I think it was because one of my older cousins started to take a liking on novels, so I just thought it would be cool. As always, I sought for companions so I invited my cousin’s little sister, which was the same age as me, to join. It was my first series ever and it was a collaboration, guys. I mean, how cool is that. I remember it was titled Sakura after the main character’s name. It was a love story. The love interest was named Sayuki and yes tHOSE ARE JAPANESE NAMES BECAUSE I WATCHED SEVERAL EPISODES OF NARUTO AND ALSO MY COUSIN EXPOSED ME TO SUGAR SUGAR RUNE SO DON’T ASK. My cousin made the other part of the story with Julianna and Peter as the main casts and then we just kinda combined the story into one final book called One Kingdom. How I wish I had kept those self-printed books!

After entering fourth grade, I was kinda caught up in different things such as mathematics olympiads and such (yes I used to do those), so I didn’t further develop my writing hobby. It wasn’t until fifth grade that I was exposed to K-pop, thanks to my sister. Super Junior and SNSD was a big hit that time, and I just got my first phone ever which had the internet in it (come to think of it, the internet was super slow back then). I started browsing about them and found out about fanfictions. Being fond of reading, of course the fanfiction world became such a huge magnet for me. My sister thought it was ridiculous. I didn’t. I read so many fanfictions that I think I swallowed down the whole popular fanfiction sites. Then I figured out how to make my own blog.

I remember not having any modem at home so I had to go to the internet cafe to write and post on my very first blog. It was, of course, a fanfiction. I went under a super embarrassing pen name that I would rather NOT reveal here (LMAO. You don’t wanna know. Trust me.) Come to think of it, I was a very… imaginative fan. I created an original character that was basically me with a Korean name. LOL. I even created a special chapter revealing things my OC likes and dislikes, which was just like the full description of my own self.

After getting my mom to buy me a modem, I started actively staying at home. And yes, I DID just say that. I refused to go out at all because I would rather write fanfictions and posts on my newly developed blog. It was a secret blog and literally nobody knew about it. Well, some of my school friends knew at last, but not many, and I did a good job covering the first few months (or the whole first year?) However, I kinda lost my interest on fanfictions at the end of sixth grade, since my online fanfiction author friends started to get over K-pop as well. I figured I was in for the fun and companion, not for the theme of the stories I created. I started getting bored with romance and wanted to explore. My very first horror fiction was called Mystery of the Dark. (Okay, that DOES sound a lot like Mystery of the Orphanage) It was adapted from one of the comics I made with the same cousin I invited for a collaboration. It was about a haunted house and haunted dolls and things like that basically. I enjoyed writing it, but I was nowhere near making horror my default genre.

I started getting over fanfictions and created this blog in 2012. Little Stories of Ours was my very first series here, published in August. I initially didn’t plan the story or anything, I just thought I wanted to write something in this blog. Not a fanfiction. Then boom. The series got a bit too dragged on, though. I began ditching the fanfiction world completely after I got quite some… stats, here. My secondary school friends actually liked my stories, and it was yet another confidence boost. Besides, I stopped joining mathematics competitions and the internet had become more than just good so I dedicated more time to writing. Then I found a partner at horror, Viona Angelica, which lead me to Stacy’s Curse and, eventually, I took deeper interest in horror and thriller. I enjoy blowing people’s minds with plot twists, so I guess that’s where I got here.

I first contributed my writing in a book when I was in tenth grade. An indie publisher wanted to make compilations of my school’s students’ best works from their workshop. I didn’t attend school that day, but fortunately, they allowed online submissions. My story got second place. It was titled Kisah Serigala Kecil, in (I’d say) my first book, Inginkah Kutahu? Then I continued on writing more short stories to send to the publisher, and from there I got more stories published physically. I’m not yet able to finish a proper novel script for myself, but am working hard for it. Uh, actually, that would be overestimating. I’m not working hard at all, and I even let myself stop several times. But I don’t wanna stress it so much. For now, let writing be one joyful activity instead of yet another stressful one.


Me as a toddler (baby?) Probably around 2001-2002. I’m the left one btw.  LOL.


As a child~ Around 2003-2004, I’m guessing.


On my 8th birthday, so 2008.


Pretty sure this one was in third grade after I got my very first ‘not-middle-parted’ haircut. So around 2008 or 2009. More likely 2009.



Yes. I was THAT. The one on the right, of course. Was taken in 2010.



Entering secondary school. First time my dad got iPad and Instagram was still new as heck. Filters were overdone but a hit. This was one. Taken in 2012.


2013, exploring front-cam selfies.

Selcas (you call them selfies, yes) with fellow blogger

2014 with Viona Angelica. Pretty sure I was quite a wreck that time. She was my main bae that saved the last ruined year of my secondary school.


When I first explored short hair as a haircut option in 2015, after graduating from middle school. Didn’t color it for real though.


Still in 2015 when I went to the Universal Studios Singapore alone. (Hey, I wrote a post about this! LOL)


The picture I use for my mini profiles in books I contributed in. Was taken in 2015 also, after a Christmas celebration at my church. Don’t regularly go to church, though. Just got invited to sing a duet that time. Hair was getting longer.

Lomba PMR_170608_0001

With my PMR squad for a competition in 2016. Guess which one I am.


Near Christmas 2016. I’m the right one, of course.


2017. I stand in the middle.


Still 2017. Back to super long hair!



Kay, think that’s all. Lastly I’d like to say thank you for your time and hope you have enough spare time to enjoy and leave comment(s) to my posts^^ bye~

Wanna contact me? Contact via :

  • Email :
  • Instagram : @cinhtw
  • LINE : aquablue17 / cihandoko (I don’t use both of them at the same time, so it is always safer to contact both. I am always on one of them at least.)
  • BBM : D93D1C4F
  • Facebook : Cindy Handoko (I pretty much only open it to check my publisher’s group, accept friend requests, and earn J**X rewards, so I don’t guarantee your DM would be responded quick.)
  • : cindyhandoko_ (inactive)
  • Wattpad : cindyhandoko_ (SUPER inactive)
  • Twitter : @cindyhandoko_ or @sopkuah_jamur (both no longer active)
  • Skype : cindyhandoko_ (to warn you, it’s VERY inactive and I never really use it)
  • WhatsApp / Cellphone number : you can reach me via the contacts above first, then ask directly. I’ll decide whether I want to let you know or not.

21 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. oke disini aku panggil kamu apa jadinya hahahaha
    HELLOOO CRYSSS aku tadi iseng buka blog kamu gara” liat twitter kamu hehehe
    yaa gitulah, emang bkin ff itu ternyata susah banget dan susah nyari waktu sekarang :’)
    yaap baca bbmku ya hahaha

    1. Panggil crys aja gapapa lah 😀 hahaha
      Makasih udah mampir^^ iya susah bikin ff-___- lagian lama-lama ilang moodnya sih._.
      Lucunya aku baca bbmmu duluan daripada komenmu(?) hahaha 😛

  2. Aku komen balik xD
    Hoah, aku nggak ngerti kamu nulis apa xD
    Tapi kesimpulanku adalah, kamu kelahiran 00 kan?? wkwkwk
    Suka sama teen top ya? aku suka Chunji xD
    Oh ya, aku juga sama, banyak yang ngira aku ini terlalu serius xD
    wkwk, padahal, dalemnya… absurd banget xD

    1. Makasih udah komen balik^^
      Iyup aku kelahiran 00 hahah.. Dulu zaman-zaman masih ngeblog nulis ff masih bisa bangga karena muda. Sekarang mah udah menua wkwk
      Aku juga suka Chunji :3 …………dan lima lainnya.
      Samaan dah kita XD

      1. wkwk, aku cuman ngerti hal – hal yang gampang dibaca dari intro mu xD
        iya, aku juga dulu bangga xD padahal mulai ngeblog awal mei 2014 xD
        tapi yeah, sekarang aku sadar, aku ini tua banget >_< iri sama yang kelahiran dua ribu…

      2. Itulah kenapa hal yang sekiranya penting saya bold :p
        Don’t worry lah XD lamanya ngeblog nggak menentukan baik buruknya kualitas blogging seseorang kok 🙂
        HAIYAH TERPAUT SETAUN DOANG JUGAKK.. hahahah.. ga beda jauh lah XD

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