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Hello and welcome to “Magical Hidden Notes,” all!

On this page (or sub-page, whatever), I’m telling you everything about this blog. Okay, I know it sounds unimportant, but it’s just in case you wanna know~

This blog was made in August 2013, as I remember. And my first ever post was called “That Blue Scarf,” a short story made spontaneously by me. It wasn’t good I know, but I hope nobody would bash it, or else… well, nothing good would happen, that’s for sure…

What’s this blog’s URL?


  • Magical, because things I write on this blog won’t possibly happen in the real world. So I call it this way–doesn’t mean when you open my blog or read my posts, there will be magic all around.
  • Hidden, because things I write on this blog was hidden inside my head before. This is quite weird, but I do think it suits well. When you’re reading my posts, it means you’re reading something that was hidden inside my full head.
  • Notes, because posting on a blog is like writing on a personal notebook.

Why did I choose the tagline “Because scary things are not always coated in black”?

  • Most of the contents of this blog (probably up to 70% of it) are dark. They’re usually about murder, horror, ghosts, riddles, etc.
  • The layout of this blog is all cheerful and cute
  • It doesn’t suit each other but that’s the main theme of this blog after all

What pages are inside this blog and what are they for? (the answers would be written in alphabetic order)

  • Home, it’s for displaying all of my posts from the latest one.
  • Mini Gallery, it’s a place to put some of my artworks I’ve posted in this blog and for my school assignments.
  • Mini Library, it’s a place to put all of the stories I’ve posted in this blog, and of course, they’re all made by me (although some aren’t, but that’s only when I’m doing a collaboration and I have to post the part that’s not written by me, so…) It’s to make you easier to read them.
  • The Bloga.k.a this page, is to write everything about this blog that you might wanna know.
  • The Writer, it’s my introduction and also the most awkward page here. You can go straight there if you’re looking for my personal contact IDs.

What do I use this blog for?

  • Of course, posting my random stories! Whether it’s in chapters or one shot (but well, yea, all of my stories are awkward).
  • Sometimes to post things that are going on in my head. But I’m not that fool, so I won’t ever post my secrets here. To all the stalkers (although I’m not really sure there’s one), this isn’t a good place for you to look for secret information about me. Except if the “secret information” you meant was my name, my birth date, my social media IDs, and/or my random stories, then yea, this is probably a good place.
  • To make random unnecessary announcements that you may not need.
  • To express anything. Hell yea, ANYTHING.

Does this blog have another admin?

  • Short answer : no
  • Medium length answer : no and never will
  • Long answer : of course not! And never ever! This is my personal and private blog!

Will this blog have an editor, layout editor, or something?

  • Short answer : no
  • Medium length answer : never will
  • Long answer : no, never will. I’ll set all of this blog’s needs (layout, settings, etc) by myself. This is the way of expressing, remember?

Did this blog have a “friend” beforehand?

  • Yes, but its “friend” is now passive. Here’s the link to its “friend” : Fairytale Storybook
  • But what I posted there was my stories long, long time ago, so they’re worse than now.


So, yea, mm… I think that’s all. Thanks for reading my random things ._. bye~

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