New Series Coming Up! (I Guess…)

So I know. I know you’re gonna kill me.

In the Shadow Behind the Curtain still hanging around waiting to be finished, and I’m coming up with a new series. Yes. The killing’s gonna be very reasonable.

I’m not gonna explain myself. Continue reading


First Post in 2017 (Couldn’t Think of a Better Title, Yes)

So I went home early because I thought I needed sleep, but ended up sitting in front of my laptop writing this. I slept at three last night, which was certainly not the first time since I used to do that everyday during secondary school, but still felt like I just got all my energy drained from my body. Did I feel this way during secondary school, too? Maybe. But I certainly didn’t care, while I do now.

You might be wondering why I started off with a weird intro like this, or why I’m using a very serious tone compared to my usual read-to-laugh random talks. Yeah, I wondered that, too. But I guess things just changed a lot since the last time I wrote something here–or it might have changed since long before, but my writings didn’t show a single clue. Continue reading

Rules and Notes About the Upcoming “Escape Route”


Halo, readers!

Seperti yang sudah diberitakan di sini, untuk hari Natal tahun ini, Magical Hidden Notes akan mempublish game pertama yang dicampur dengan fiksi berjudul Escape Route alias Rute Pelarian Diri. Continue reading