[POEM #13]

She stayed safe at home


She went through little

She had no problems

yet she was depressed

He wandered to new places

every night

He went through so much

He defined problem

yet he was numb

And this is not a love story

It’s just

how humans are

–CH, April 2017


[POEM #12] Heaven

I found my place

in the pits of hell

and a devil might not exist within me

but I shall stay a bit longer

until the heat and the fire

burns me up

slowly, intensely

but most of all, WHOLLY

–CH, April 2017

Quote #8

“To understand someone better, write about them. That way, all the unsaid feelings, all the unsaid thoughts, could transform into words, and words are always brutally, magically CLEARER.”

[POEM #11]

He had four tough walls

built around himself,

but did not know

it was doorless

He had his eyes set on a trophy,

but did not notice

the glass in between

that he could not pass through,

for if he runs straight ahead,

the glass

might indeed break

but the shattered pieces

would tear him up

–CH, April 2017

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